21 Jun 2016

Finding the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day can be stressful and expensive. Creating a gift basket with special items in it can help your wallet and make your valentine feel extra special. To create your gift basket, start with a heart shaped basket.

Think Red
Red is a Valentine’s Day color that will help get the basket started. A red nightie or pair of boxers will help add color and a sexy mood to the basket. The clothing can be placed on the bottom of the basket, so that it is the last item seen, adding to the suggestion of the night. It can be folded and rolled into a design that is placed on the top layer of the basket. Where is it placed should be determined by where the basket will be presented, in private or public.

Think Fruits
Red fruits, like strawberries, cherries, or raspberries, can be added, if clothing is not an option. The fruits can be plain or covered in chocolate, depending on what the recipient likes. Pink fruits, like grapefruits, can be a great balance to the sweetness of the red fruits.

Think Pink
Another color associated with that special day is pink, so pink balloons or rose petals are a great way to add a slight layer to the basket without losing much space. Putting the pink conversation candy hearts into the basket is another way to get pink into the basket and add something sweet to it.

Think White
The last color is white. An invitation to a favorite restaurant on a scented white paper will keep with the color theme. A beautiful pair of diamond earrings will elegantly keep her interested in the rest of the basket. If the basket is for a man, a white hat or wallet will make him happy. Popcorn and a romantic or favorite movie can be put into the basket for a cuddling session after a dinner out with each other. Using the white candy conversation hearts on this layer will help keep the color theme going. Mint candies, which are also white, can help add a flavorful layer to the basket.

Think Flowers
Flowers, like roses, tulips, and carnations, can also be added to the basket for decoration and color themes. Because the flowers can come in red, pink, or white, they can be used in a variety of options to complete the color scheme and balance the beauty of the basket. They can be used to decorate the handle of the basket as well as the base of the basket.

Think Cards
Everyone loves getting a card that says how much they love them. Make certain the card expresses how you feel about your valentine and place it on top of the basket.

If you’re short on time or are just not the creative type, it’s perfectly fine to purchase a valentine’s day gift basket from a professional like Boodles Of Baskets.

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