10 Nov 2016

The furnace in your home is designed to last for approximately 25 years, but in some cases, it is a good idea to replace the device before it stops working completely. You might wonder what the signs are that indicate that it is time to replace a home’s furnace, and these are the things that you should look for before contacting a heating company to have a new furnace installed.


1: A Home’s Furnace Is Requiring Numerous Repairs

Most homeowners need to have a furnace repaired occasionally, but if you must call a heating technician frequently, then it is time to have a new furnace installed. The cost of a repair to a furnace can get expensive when you consider the charges for labor and parts along with surcharges for weekend or nighttime services. You and your family are also inconvenienced by needing frequent service calls to fix a furnace because you might need to stay in a hotel until a repair person is available.


2: It Is Difficult to Get Replacement Parts for a Furnace

If your home’s furnace is old, then getting replacement parts is difficult. A technician keeps extra parts on a service van for fast furnace repair, but when a furnace is an older model, they will need to order replacement parts from a warehouse. It can take days or weeks to receive a rare replacement part, and during this time, your home is not going to have adequate heat. To avoid this situation, it is time to have a furnace replaced with a new model.


3: A Furnace Is Making a Lot of Noise

When you have a furnace that is making a lot of noise, there is something wrong with its components. Not only is a loud furnace annoying, but also, it can indicate that something is breaking down inside the device. If a mechanism inside a furnace malfunctions, then it is possible that the device will overheat, leading to a fire. Alternatively, there might be a blockage inside a furnace that is creating a noise, and if a furnace doesn’t have proper airflow, then you can have a buildup of gases such as lethal carbon monoxide.


4: Your Monthly Heating Bills Are Increasing

If you notice that your monthly heating bills are increasing, then you probably need a new furnace. Old furnaces were manufactured before there were strict requirements concerning fuel efficiency. When you have a new furnace installed, it must use less natural gas or electricity, leading to a huge reduction of your heating bills. While you are having a furnace replaced, the technicians will often replace some of the ductwork, creating better airflow that heats your home quickly.

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