16 Nov 2016
According to reports, some moving companies in America are doing what they can to help out women who are victims of domestic violence. Movers from these companies are helping them escape dangerous situations by moving their belongings free of charge. This is just one way that a moving company can give back to its community.

Giving Back to the Community

One moving company said that it chose to do this after seeing what these women have to deal with. After seeing firsthand how difficult it was for victims of domestic violence to move, the company knew that it had to help and give back to the community.

Another company said that it started getting calls a few years ago from women who sounded frantic, as if they needed to move quickly. After receiving a few of these calls and helping the women move, it caught on to what was going on. It was at this point that it decided to do something more to help.

Making a Difference

Moving companies have already made a difference, according to domestic abuse shelters around the country. One domestic violence shelter said that its local moving company has already helped more than a dozen women move their belongings free of charge to get them out of dangerous situations. The shelter explained that the predators often have access to the women’s bank accounts, so the women try to stash what little money they can around the house. This alone is dangerous because, if the predator finds the stashed money, he will know that something is up. The less money a women needs to get out of a bad situation, the quicker they can leave.


Moving companies aren’t just moving the women’s belongings for free. They’re also helping the women get back on their feet by donating belongings. Other families that move may leave behind unwanted furniture or other items, so the movers donate these to the domestic violence victims, some of whom have nothing.

Moving companies that offer this kind of service really help out domestic violence victims. Studies show that women are often embarrassed to ask their friends and family for help. In some cases, they’re worried that the information will leak back to the predator. Being able to rely on a third-party to remove them from the situation makes the entire process easier. This is even more true when the third-party is doing it free of charge. The more moving companies that pitch in to help, the more domestic violence victims can be removed from bad situations. If you visit the Hudson Movers website, you may be able to find more information.

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