24 Mar 2017

If you are thinking about calling a plumber for assistance with an item that has washed down a drain, you are not alone. It is common for individuals to take off wedding rings and other small pieces of jewelry when washing their hands, preparing to bathe and more. Many will place their jewelry next to the sink or on the edge of the tub when doing so, and because of this, it is unfortunately very common for valuable items to wash down the drain. Whether you have lost an item of incredible value or an item that has sentimental value, you understandably want to take every step possible to retrieve the item from the drain. While this type of event can be emotionally stressful, rest assured that there are a few steps you can follow to retrieve your jewelry without delay.

Accessing the Item on Your Own
Drains are typically easily accessible in kitchens and bathrooms. You simply have to open up the cabinet under the sink to view the pipe components. In some cases, homeowners want to use plumber Toronto service to take these components apart and access the jewelry, but many homeowners have excellent do-it-yourself skills as well as the equipment on hand to complete the job themselves. You simply have to disconnect the plumbing components using a wrench or other similar tools. Be sure to turn off the main water valve to the sink and use a bucket underneath the pipes to catch any extra water. When you take this component apart, you should be able to retrieve the jewelry.

Calling a Plumbing Company for Assistance
Some homeowners are not comfortable taking pipes apart, and others may have taken them apart but may not be able to put them back together again. After all, the pipes must be carefully sealed when reconnecting them to prevent a water leak from developing. A plumbing company can typically respond to your request for assistance with your drain issue quickly. While you wait for plumbing service, avoid using the sink or tub. Doing so may result in your jewelry being washed down the drain too far for it to be retrieved.

Because jewelry is typically very heavy in comparison to water, it will usually sink at the lowest end of the pipe under the cabinet and remain there until you pull it out. It can be difficult for the item to be completely washed away by the flow of water. With this in mind, you have a good chance of retrieving the item that washed down the drain. If you need assistance with the retrieval process, contact a plumbing company for assistance today.

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