5 Things Millenial Home Buyers Look At While Buying A House

August 24, 2018 0

The millenials are a generation that has so many options for so may things and a lot more ways ti help them understand what would be the best option for them. Millenials make sure that they have analyzed pretty much everything in life and you can be sure that the decisions that they make are very well informed given that the internet has made information so much easier to access. With that being said, millenials have very unique tastes and do not settle for less especially when looking for Toronto condos. Here are five things millennial home buyers look at while buying a house.

1. Ready to go homes

Millenials are quite keen on purchasing homes that would not need them to make any other renovations in order to get fully settled. It is evident that home owners who are older spend probably twice or even thrice as much on renovations than the younger generation. This means that the homes that attract millenial buyers are usually very new and are ready for occupation. They do not require any other renovations.

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2. Open layouts

The millennial group is a very social group. This is why it is an obvious observation that they seem to prefer open plans or open layouts. The older generation or the generations that came before would probably prefer more walls because of privacy. The millenial buyer however loves to socialize hence they prefer their houses with less partitions.

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3. Energy efficient living

Millenials are quite passionate about being identified as a group that is conscious about their environment. This aspect is obviously going to show when they are looking for a house. The preference would be to have a house that has energy efficient appliances and technologies. Millenials are very big fanatics of technologies that are related to energy and support green living. Installing solar panels would be a big bonus for anyone looking to sell a house among a community of millenials.

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4. Technology

It goes without saying that a millenial home buyer would be attracted to a house that is well equipped and enabled in terms of technology. They want to be able to control various things in the house all from their smart phone. This includes the alarm system, the air conditioning and lights. Locks that do not need keys are among the things that attract millenials when they are looking to buy a house.

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5. The suburbs

It is rather interesting that millenials would prefer to have homes in the suburbs even though most of them come from the city. The understanding here is that they have already looked at the future and seen that with time they will probably be tired of the city as they settle down hence most of them look at the suburbs when they want to buy a house.

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