5 Ways To Save On Your Moving Costs

August 14, 2018 0

Moving to another place can certainly be stressful because of the activity and because of the amount of money that you are meant to use before the process is complete. However, with a proper plan, or with the help of Calgary movers, you will find that it is easy to save money while making the move a little less stressful. Here are 5 ways that will help you to save on your moving costs.

1. Get rid of your junk

Moving companies generally charge by looking at several different factors. One of these factors is the amount of weight that your cargo holds. It will end up saving you so much money if you start getting rid of any junk or things that you do not need at least a few weeks or months before the move. Seeing as these companies charge by the hour, it will also take you less time which translates into more money saved.

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2. Get a tax deduction

Most people do not know about this but you can actually get a tax deduction by itemizing the items that you give away to charity on your tax returns. Different charitable organizations make trips to peoples houses and they actually take the stuff that you do not need if you are happy to give it to them. You will then be able to save money by getting a tax deduction off of these items.

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3. Free boxes

Anytime people have to move, they do need boxes to put their things inside so that they are safe during the move. These boxes are usually paid for. You do not have to do this. If you know that you will be moving in the near future, it is wise to start collecting these boxes early enough from every time purchase something. Do not throw them away. Local businesses will also w=be more than willing to give you their boxes if you ask.

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4. Move when it is off season

You will save so much money if you schedule your moving to be at a time when the moving rates from different companies are low. This time is usually between October and April. This is so because moving companies are more busy during the summer. It is during this time that most people love to move especially if they have children who are in school. So save some money by taking advantage of this.

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5. Have numerous estimates

All moving companies do not charge the same amount of fees for moving. The rates are different from company to company so make it a priority to get several estimates when you are about to move. Your choice of company should depend on various factors but because we are looking to save money, the lowest estimate should be your choice.

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