6 Reasons Why You Should Use Animal Cruelty-Free Futons

August 28, 2018 0

There are a variety of futons and futon covers out in the market that is animal cruelty-free. There are still some futons out there that are made via the usage of animals Now this article will not preach about animal rights (which does deserve it) but to try and convince you of why you should start using animal cruelty furniture.

Not only will it make you a better human being, because you will be evolved enough (sorry had to throw this jab at you) to know not to use the body of once sentient beings, but you will also save on money as well as on your health.

6 Reasons Why You Should Use Animal Cruelty-Free Futons

1. Animal Testing Is Crueler Than You Think

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There is this misconception that animal testing is not that inhumane but this is far from the truth. Animal testing is incredibly barbaric and it doesn’t really need to be. It only shows how base and how unevolved most people still are.

2. Thousands Of Great Brands Are Cruelty-Free

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As mentioned there are thousand so businesses and companies that do not use products that have had animal testing involved or that use any part of the animal. And many of these products and companies are doing great.

As a matter of fact, as you will soon learn, not using animal-based products can save you on money as well as your health.

3. There Are Better Alternatives To Animal Testing

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There are many other substances out there which you can use to substitute for the animal-based products. And with 3D printing becoming more prevalent using animals for testing and products will become a thing fo the past.

4. A Cruelty-Free Home Is More Eco-Friendly

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Animal cruelty-free products have far fewer toxins and chemicals incorporated into them and as a result, the amount of environmental harm in persons at home will be far less. Animal cruelty-free products (i.e vegan products or all natural products) use elements and ingredients from nature and this it makes your home much cleaner.

5. You Could Save Money By Buying Cruelty-Free

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Because most animal cruelty-free products are limited the number of options is also limited to ending you will not spend a large amount on different brands and products. You will find one product to you like and that will be all that you need to buy.

6. Governments Worldwide Are Banning Animal Testing

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This is perhaps one of the best reasons why to start getting animal cruelty free furniture and product. Governments are cracking down on the usage of products and items that are created from animals. This is showing a great deal of compassion.

Animals Are Sentient

Not trying to beta the horse or preach here, but animals are sentient They feel. They get scared. They love. They get hurt. THEY FEEL PAIN. THEY ARE SCARED TO DIE. Much like we are.

Be evolved and think about how another sentient creature feels.