What to Look For When Selecting Weed Control Services

May 22, 2017 0

Lawn care is a top priority for many homeowners. Maintaining your lawn on your own can drain you of time and energy, and professional lawn care services can help you to keep this space looking neat and tidy. A beautiful yard can bolster pride of ownership, neighbor envy and curb appeal. However, weeds are a common problem that homeowners face, and weed control services are often not included in basic lawn maintenance service contractors. If you are looking for weed control services today, consider focusing your attention on these areas as you make a smart buying decision.

The Ability to Kill Existing Weeds and Prevent New Weed Growth
A basic weed control service plan may be used to kill current weeds, but this may not be enough to keep your yard free of weeds. The unfortunate reality is that new weed growth can begin through something as simple as wind carrying weed seeds into your yard or birds dropping weed seeds. You must plan for future weed growth as well if you want your yard to be free of weeds. With this in mind, the weed service you select should kill current weeds and prevent pervasive weeds from growing in the future.

An Integrated Pest Management Plan
The best plan for weed control services will also take pests into account. Pests can bite or sting you and your loved ones, harm your pets, damage your vegetation and even impact your home’s condition. For example, ants can sting you, and termites can eat the wood in your home’s support beams. Through an integrated pest management plan, you can benefit from having your weeds and pests eliminated from your yard.

The Impact of Services on the Environment
You may be well-aware that pesticides and weed control treatments can harm the environment. For example, rainwater carrying pesticides and other elements can filter down into the water supply for the community and can contaminate it. When you search for an effective treatment for your weeds, look for an EPA approved treatment option. This will ensure that your treatment is not negatively impacting the environment. If you visit Weed Man USA, their website may provide you with more information.

Your lawn care company may offer a weed service plan that is integrated with pest control services. However, you may need to look at other service options to find the best deal possible. While cost is a concern, you can see that these other factors should also be considered as you make a buying decision. Carefully research all options available, and read consumer reviews for the companies you are most interested in working with. By taking this effort, you can make the best decision for the care of your lawn.