Why Employees Love Catering

October 5, 2016 0

It’s no secret that meetings, conferences, and team building events are more appealing to employees when food is involved. A sense of community is created when co-workers and leaders gather around an offering of refreshments prepared by a catering service. Talent retention, increased productivity, improved morale, multi-tasking and recognition are just a few of the benefits associated with using this winning strategy to grow a business and keep employees happy.

Talent Retention

Attracting and retaining top talent is a priority for many of today’s companies. Google has set a high bar for providing unconventional employee perks. They have managed to attract and retain some of the brightest tech talent in the industry with free employee meals, juice bars and coffee bars. Regularly catered events give employees something to look forward to in the workplace. The costs associated with catering are an investment in finding and keeping employees capable of considerable contributions.

Increased Productivity

School children aren’t the only ones who benefit from nourishment and breaks. These are well-known keys to sustaining energy and concentration. A selection of healthy snacks and a short break following a meeting are excellent ways to promote these foundations of productivity. Employees feel satisfied after a productive day at work.

Improved Morale

A catered team-building event fuels enthusiasm for company goals and achievements. The inclusion of food creates a sense of relaxation and comfort. Employees appreciate a work environment supportive of their well-being. A selection of catered refreshments is also an effective way to provide motivation when things aren’t going smoothly.


How many times have we all felt there weren’t enough hours in a work day to accomplish everything in front of us? Combining business and food has been a long-standing tradition for a reason. It’s a way to continue moving forward with discussions while enjoying a meal or snack. Catering services Dundas Ontario are experts at creating just this type of environment. No one loses time away from work when food is catered into the workplace. Employees are relieved of stress related to getting behind schedule with tasks waiting for them to complete.


Celebrating employee achievements and milestones with the help of a catering service fosters a sense of belonging in the workplace. Everyone enjoys being remembered and acknowledged. A simple monthly celebration for employee birthdays, company picnics and employee parties go a long way in showing employees how much they are appreciated.